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Current Exhibition

Trashy Tape Collages by Jon Foster

November 29 – February 6

Opening Reception Nov. 29 at 5 PM

About the Artist

A bio in three parts.

Part One.

Jon was born on a cold January morning in Lexington in the year of our lord 1981. His loving parents, Ricky and Debbie taught young Jon the importance of honesty and hard work during his formative years in Reagan’s America. In his tweens Jon developed a strong love of music after attending family gatherings and rocking out to his cousin’s hair metal tapes. His love of music would lead him into hardcore and punk rock like Minor Threat and Fugazi. Punk demonstrated to a young impressionable boy how to live DIY, or “do it yourself” ethic that would becoming very important to Jon. Writing his many blogs or zines, his numerous musical projects, or his prolific ability to create stunning collages in the mail art medium, Jon has always found ways to express his thoughts and feelings. Traveling has also played a huge influence on the man, having been to Japan, China, and most of the countries in Europe that were involved in the World Wars. – Jeremiah Burns


Part Two.

I can do it very quickly, ONE AWESOME SON !!! – Debbie Foster


Part Three.

Jon is from Lexington, NC and attended UNC-Wilmington. Along the way he discovered the strange and compelling world of mail-art and has been active in producing works, exchanging them with other artists, and promoting the art form for many years. He currently lives in Winston-Salem, NC and is a faculty member at Davidson County Community College. – Gerald Bosch.


For more information on Jon, visit his Facebook group:

Previous Exhibitions

Timothy Valshtein, Nov. 2015

About the Artist

I am a freelance photographer based out of Brooklyn, NY and have worked in a wide range of contexts, ranging from college sports to gallery showings. Influencing my aesthetic intuitions, much of my time is spent in a psychological science research lab as a doctoral student. I am also a marathon runner, a collector of cheap vinyl, and a coffee nerd. // CONTACT: Timothy Valshtein, (973) 670-9722;;

iWash by Eric Juth, Dec. 2015

About the Artist

Eric Juth is an artist and educator currently based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. His projects tend to be developed around technological and media artifacts. In 2014 he received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Documentary Film Production and in 2011 a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies, both from Wake Forest University.  As an undergraduate Juth studied painting and art history at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA. During this period he also studied at Yale’s Norfolk Summer School of Art, Temple University’s Rome, Italy program, and at Webster University in Vienna.  You can learn more about Juth’s current projects and exhibitions by visiting his website ( or following him on Instagram (  // CONTACT:

Allison Daniel, Apr. 2016

About the Artist

Allison Daniel is an an artist based in Greensboro, NC. Her current practice is based in functional ceramics and she also uses multimedia to create sculptures and paintings. Her work represents the tangibility of memory and thought through surface textures, ghostly forms and bold colors. She received a BFA in Sculpture and Ceramics from UNCG in 2015 and runs a glass and ceramics studio in Stokesdale, NC called Sunshine Art Studio. // CONTACT:; (336) 408-3867;

Beach Portraits by Kristen M. Bryant, Sep. 2016

About the Artist

Before coming to a/perture, Beach Portraits was a collection included in Depiction – a larger show including fellow photographers from South Carolina. The collection was composed of four portraits taken in 35mm film by photographer, Kristen M. Bryant at Edisto Beach in South Carolina. When Beach Portraits later appeared in a/perture’s Gallery, from September to November of 2016, it included these three of the portraits from the original grouping and three landscapes. // CONTACT:

Anna Tucker, Nov. 2016

About the Artist

Anna Tucker lives and works in Winston-Salem, North Carolina but traveling is where she’s most happy. Her photography is complemented best through the early, slower methods of photography such as 35mm and medium format film. Through her love of travel and wonder to experience new things her work gravitates towards capturing people who are passionate about what they do and the spaces around them.  // CONTACT:

There and Back Again by Justin Richardson, Apr. 2017

About the Artist

Justin Richardson is a landscape photography enthusiast living in Winston-Salem, NC. His interest in photography grew once he started traveling both locally and abroad within the last five years. Initially self-taught, he has become more dedicated to and invested in the craft. He is excited to share the special scenes the world provides. // CONTACT:

Other previous gallery artists

Amy Badgett, Feb. 2016
Tommy McGlaun & Riede Dervay, Jun. 2016
Sebastien Carpentier, Jan. 2017
Cinema Therapy, Jun. 2017

The ga//ery space

The a/perture ga//ery is currently curated by Maria Wurttele. For inquiries, please email