Aperture Cinema - Winston Salem, NC | Artist Talk with Benita VanWinkle
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Artist Talk with Benita VanWinkle

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Tuesday, March 24 – 7pm (free)

Please join us for a short artist talk and virtual exhibition featuring the photographic portfolio of Benita VanWinkle entitled “Please Remain Standing”. For over 30 years, Benita has been crisscrossing the United States, searching back roads and farming communities to document hometown movie theaters built before 1965. “This project is about preserving a collective community memory, celebrating the iconic fantasy palace that movie theaters were for small towns everywhere.” Fall of 2013 brought the end of the analog film distribution was known for over 90 years, ushering in the digital age, and with it the closing of many small town theaters that were still remaining.   With over 500 theaters in the collection, and over 50 in North Carolina to date, Benita is now pursuing the publication of this series entitled “Please Remain Standing”. The title is a nod of recognition to her hometown theater in which the manager always announced to ‘Please remain standing for our national anthem’ before every show, turning on the house lights if a customer did not comply.


Benita VanWinkle is an assistant professor of art at High Point University, in High Point, NC. Her website, www.busybstudio.com showcases her photography as well as her interests in bookbinding and mixed media work. Benita’s artwork has been exhibited and recognized with awards in numerous international, national and regionally juried art exhibitions.