Aperture Cinema - Winston Salem, NC | Wilmington on Fire presented with Scalawag – March 28
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Wilmington on Fire presented with Scalawag – March 28

Special Events
About This Project

Scalawag and a/perture are proud to continue our film series dedicated to celebrating and examining the American South on screen- highlighting films both created in and reflecting on the South, and each screening will be followed by a community conversation, led by a community leader or industry professional.

Wednesday, March 28 – 7:30pm – click here for tickets

“Wilmington on Fire”¬†is a new feature-length documentary that chronicles The Wilmington Massacre of 1898. The Wilmington Massacre of 1898 was a bloody attack on the African-American community by a heavily armed white mob with the support of the North Carolina Democratic Party on November 10, 1898 in the port city of Wilmington, North Carolina. It is considered one of the only successful examples of a violent overthrow of an existing government and left countless numbers of African-Americans dead and exiled from the city. This event was the spring board for the White Supremacy movement and Jim Crow segregation throughout the state of North Carolina and the American South. This incident has been barely mentioned and has been omitted from most history books. It was not until 2006, after the North Carolina General Assembly published a report on it, that the tragedy became known to the general public.