Poster for And So I Stayed

And So I Stayed

Director: Daniel A. Nelson, Natalie Pattillo Run Time: 91 min. Release Year: 2021

And So I Stayed is an award-winning documentary about survivors of abuse fighting for their lives and spending years behind bars. These women paid a steep price with long prison sentences, lost time with loved ones, and painful memories. Activist and formerly incarcerated survivor Kim Dadou Brown, who met her wife while incarcerated, is a driving force in the passage of New York’s Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act (DVSJA), a new law meant to prevent survivors from receiving harsh prison sentences for their acts of survival. Nikki Addimando, a mother of two young children, suffered the consequences when a judge didn’t follow the law’s guidelines. Tanisha Davis, a single mother who was ripped away from her son in 2013, is hopeful the new law is her way out of a harsh prison sentence. This film is made for and by survivors. For them/us to feel heard, seen, and believed. Read more about the film in The New York Times.

FREE in person screening presented by Family Services on Tuesday, October 26 @ 6pm

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