A Silver Lining Production

Written by a/perture cinema

Starring Our Patrons, Our Neighbors, Our Friends & Our Community

We’ve said it before: no screenwriter could have written a more cinematic year. And we can’t make it through without the generous support of our community.  Everyone who has donated to a/perture cinema in 2020 deserves to see their name in our credits.

All of the movie roles below are real and are inspired by actual film crews. Scroll through to find your name and credit (each assigned randomly)

We’ve divided our credits into the three components of a film production:


includes everyone who donated early this year, whether in celebration of our 10-year anniversary or in the first weeks of our closure back in March


includes everyone who donated to our GoFundMe from September – October


includes anyone who gives through final months of 2020

We’ve finished our principal photography and are ready to head into pre-production. We still have a long ways to go to hit our goal and finish the film!



Casting Associates John & Claire Bryson   Casting Assistants Robert Hansen & Bill Hartley

Background Casting Alix Hitchcock & Marshall Tyler

Unit Publicists Shaheen Bandukwala Towles, Mary K. Elkins Birch, Eva Wu, Post Jazz, George Pingho, Anson Koch-Rein, Bob Scarborough, Seton McGowan, Clare Fader, Kim Martin Wilson, Linda Garboczi, Diana Mah, Carrie Marvin Kirby, Allison Wilson, Jason Thiel, Jay Callahan

Unit Production Managers Locke & Anne Glenn

Unit Production Manager – NYC Marshall Shaffer

Unit Production Manager – Denver Jeffrey Brent

Unit Production Manager – Tennessee Chelsea Kiser

Production Supervisor Lucinda Jones Production Controllers Melissa & Byron Parker

Script Supervisors Malcolm & Patty Brown

Set Decorators Sarah Shoaf & Alan Miller, Salem Smiles

Assistant Set Decorator Ronald & Becky Sigrist

Location Managers Ralph H. Womble & Ashley Edwards

Supervising Location Manager Adam Bennett

Assistant Location Managers Russ & Alice Chen Anderson

Art Director Alexandra Chaden Art Department Coordinators Ken Hauser

Set Designer Barry Trachtenberg   Concept Modelmakers Steve & Sally Seawright

Location Accountant Claire Giffin

Location Associate Visual Effects Supervisors Barbara & Rob Robless

Construction Coordinators Marge & Keith Murphy Construction Buyer Spence O’Neil

Construction General Foreperson Lynda Tussey

Property Masters Elizabeth & Richard Pierce Assistant Property Master Sharyn Sapp

Costume Designers Device Creative Collaborative & Machine Gun Graphics

Costume supervisor Bob Scarborough  Costume Illustrators Tony & Kent Manning

Creature Design By Jim Conrad   Makeup Department Head Pamela Howland

Key Hairstylist Louise Marlowe   Choreographer Arlene Edwards Thompson

First Assistant Accountants Kate Fowkes & Pranab Das   Payroll Accountant Kay McKnight

Payroll Clerk Bill & Elizabeth Hollan   Construction Accountants Sara & Mike Fox

Transportation Coordinator Jenny Rowland    Language Consultant Ron Evans

Craft Service Sally Barbour    Chief Lighting Techs Clarence & Darlene Wittman

Chief Rigging Electrician Judith Swain   Visual Effects Art Director Judith Emken Buening

Supervising Art Directors Frank & Dell James

Key costumers Graydon Pleasants & Margaret Scales

Assistant Costume Designer Happy Martin    Fight Coordinator Steven Shafer

Stunt Coordinator Jean Davis   Storyboard Artist Thomas Hearn

Art Department Researchers Bonnie & Daniel Murphy

Fabricators Bill Hazzard & Frances Wilson     Sculptor Schuyler Darstein

Concept Artist William Emken    Set Decoration Buyer Liz Noland

Graphic Designer Amy Taylor North    Scenic Artist Mona King

Sound Designer Lisette L. Ruiz   Supervising Sound Designer Bob & Maureen Ihrie

Visual Effects Production Manager Carol Killebrew

Lighting Technicians David & Wanda Formisani

Assistant Chief Lighting Technician Claire & Randall Tuttle

Animators Claudine Corbett, Jen Presley, Christine & Bain Storch, Amy Lytle

Line Producer Mr. & Mrs. James G. Hanes III   Associate Producers Wells Fargo

Co-producers Rotary Club Benevolent Fund, Leak & Jamison PLLC

Production Assistants: Dedee DeLongpre-Johnston & Luke Johnston, Martha Harper, Andrew & Rebecca Sachs, Cassandra Crawford, John Lovett, Valerie Stonerook, Clifford Swanson, Richard Schum, Linda Luvaas, Harriet Jenkins, Alex Robinette, Katherine Reeves, Stephen & Marion Aspden, Caroline Ersoff, Jeffrey Buchanan, Laurie Kelley.


“A” Camera Operator Adrienne Amos Livengood

Steadicam Operators Bruce & Anne Babcock

“B” Camera Operators Jason & Shayna Thiel     “C” Camera Operator Carol Emmet

First Assistant Photographer Linda Garboczi

Second Assistant Photographer Sarah Williamson    IMAX Technician Wilson Griffin

Film Loader Robert Beseda    Stills Photographer Kristina Bell

Gaffer Patricia Petrozza   Cable Person Marcy Freed     Video Operator Jan & Jacob Wharton

Video Assist Nick Luciano    Assistant Chief Rigging Electrician Jeanne & Ben Sayers

Fixtures Foreperson Megan Maher

Dimmer Operators The Callahan Clan: Jay, Katie, McKinley, Cooper, & Hudson

Electricians Heather & Rob Freeland    Rigging Electricians Emily, Keith, & Tucker Dunn

Fixtures Technicians Karen & Tom Pranikoff    Generator Operator  Eleasa Allen

First Company Grip Gail Fisher    Second Company Grip Melissa Winfree

First Company Rigging Grips Dave & Diane Eshelman

Dolly Grip Operators James & Joanne Heckel     Rigging Grip Foreperson Dee Jordan

Grips Alex Muller & Carrie DuPre    Rigging Grips Abby Freeland & Carl Grey

Key Grip Arthur Link    Best Boy Ian Kubly

Technocrane Operators Susan Andre & Joel Macht    Tool Person Elizabeth Hilber

Assistant Chief Rigging Electrician Jennifer Jarnigan    Mechanical Engineer Julie Hutton

Electrical Engineer Becky Brown    On-Set Art Director  Edith Callahan

Illustrator Chris Flory    Graphic Artist Stephanie Lovett

Concept Artist Marina Davis    Graphic Designer Carol Strom

Modelmaker Diana Self   Prop Shop Supervisor Mick Scott

Electronic Prop Shop Supervisor Martha Albertson

Electronic Prop Shop Foreperson Evie Good

Electronic Prop Shop Technicians Bob & Fran Seehausen    Weapons Master Kirk Huske

Propmaker Forepersons Roberts & Judy Bass    Costume standby Lisa Lofland Gould

Breakdown artists Sue Kendall & Robert Hill    Costume buyer Charlie Elkins

Set Costumers The Henerson Family    Cutter/Fitter Stephanie Rogers

Table Person Amy Whitman-Hall    Drapers William J & Stephanie P Carpenter

Tailor Claudia Schaefer    Dyer / Textile Artist Patricia Taverner

Textile Artists Allison Shermeta & Cagney Gentry    Milliners Michael & Bonnie Poston

Assistant Makeup Department Head Amanda Sattler

Makeup Artists Claudine Legault & Ginny Weiler

Makeup Effects Artists Gary & Donna Hamilton    Hair Department Head Jody Farmer

Assistant Hair Department Head Kimberly Robinson    Hairstylists Bill & Sandy Steele

Special Effects General Foreperson Pattie McAleer

Special Effects Forepersons The Umlauf Group

Special Effects Shop Forepersons Jo Ann & David Mount

Special Effects Technicians The Hall Family    Pyro Forepersons Jeanne & Ben Sayers

Set Pyrotechnics Mark Cohn    Special Effects Rigging Foreperson Phillip Auchincloss

Special Effects Gaffer Lois Roewade

Transportation Captain  Janice Wakefield    Transportation Dispatcher Tyler Sigley

Staff Shop Supervisor Lesley-Anne Lamb    Medics Betsy Johnson & Pam Henry

Catering By Mariana Abou-Rizk    Second Assistant Accountants Kevin & Margaret Mauney

Assistant Payroll Accountant Denni Peebles

Assistant Construction Accountant John Larson

Picture Car Coordinator Phyllis Dunning

Lead Persons Alan Kirby & Theresa Pleasants    Set Dressers Denise Lyon & Edwin Dennis

On-Set Dresser Elaine Butler    Set Decoration Models By Bill & Eileen Blancato

Construction Forepersons Robert & Rebecca Schwartz    Labor Supervisor Stuart Carey

Labor Forepersons Steve & Lisa Wright    Paint Supervisor Anson Koch-Rein

Paint Forepersons Bob & Sharla Slappey     Plaster Forepersons Nancy & Paul Gwyn

Lead Sculptors Dek & Luci Driscoll    Greens Supervisors Michael & Mary Friedman

On-Set Painter Karen Kimbrell   First Assistant Director – New York Unit Andi Ralph

Second Assistant Director – New York Unit Evan Pease

Special Effects Technicians – New York Unit Kristina, Matt, Cole, and Connor Muller

First Assistant Director – Seattle Unit Bean & Maggie Garney

First Assistant Director – Denver Unit Holly Fulp

First Assistant Director – Washington, D.C. Unit Robin Bleiweis

First Assistant Director – South Carolina Unit Janice & Rick Mullin

Scenic Foreman Carrie Gatlin    Metal Shop Foreman Rosalind Tedford

Digital Asset Coordinator Judi Lawson Wallace    Sound Mixers Lee & Shelby Chaden

Sound Mixers Second Unit Betsy & Jeremy Chapman    Boom Operator Tyke Arbaugh

Sound Effects Recorder  Betty Ann McInteer

Sound Utility Second Unit Linda Wharton-Duffy     Stunt Performer David Swift

Stunt Doubles Amret & Wesley Hawfield     Drone Pilots Barbara & Rence Callahan


Visual Effects Editors Jeff Lindsay & Terry Robertson

First Assistant Editors Luke & Melissa Neff  Assistant Editors Valerie & Ruben Alberto Rosales

Special Effects Supervisor Margaret Savoca

Visual Effects Associate Producers Susan & David Friedman

Visual Effects Plate Coordinators Frank & Minta McNally

Visual Effects Data Wrangler Catherine Craig

Visual Effects Assistant Data Wranglers Beth & Peter Juran

Virtual Effects Assistants Gayle Anderson & Carey Hedgpeth

3D Producer The Variable Vanguard Group