because life imitates art.

films that celebrate art and those who make it.

october 3 – october 23, 2021

street art in motion (nikolina santovac, serbia): a unique portrayal of street artist Bansky’s graffiti.

the cello takes over (sjeng schupp, netherlands): a virtuoso cellist eventually loses control.

the carnival of the animal, finale (see ek chang, malaysia): eleven creatures perform an orchestral piece. 

fickle heart (marie lavis, france): before day breaks, a season awakens and strengthens.

antipode (oliver folcarelli, denmark): a merging of gloomy spaces, ominous silhouettes, and sprinkling dots.

l’inutilità (gennaro lago esposito, italy): an examination of the superfluous in a post-pandemic world.

counterpart (navi mcsharry, united states): an adventurer must confront his doppelgänger. 

perennial (jenni nelson, united states): a celebration of the first signs of spring.