because not all who wander are lost.

films that celebrate adventure and those who seek it.

august 1 – august 21, 2021

impenguinator (cecilia morera, united kingdom): an expedition to antartica takes an unexpected turn.

hie ego novi (tadeusz kabicz, poland): a lonely astronaut explores the streets of an empty city.

woolworld (joanna polak, poland): mr. wooly’s wish comes true, but not in the way he expects.

lonely whale (steve nguyen, united states): an astronaut rescues a celestial giant in distress.

pool (emy galustyan, united states): an explorer’s curiosity leads him deep into a strange cave.

prologue (jesse shaw, canada): a young heroine embarks on a journey to right a wrong.

journey with mr. mr. (céline brengou, france): minds wander and reality blurs on a scenic train ride.