because friends are the family we choose.

films that celebrate friendship and those who find it.

november 14 – december 4, 2021

little gestures (nickoel izharudin, united kingdom): an elderly artist receives help from an unlikely source.

paradise (rayna buxton, united states): a story of love, hardship, and sardines.

wild fire (zachary campbell, united states): a woodsman attempts to extinguish a stubborn fire.

the ghost light (kristen dania, spain): an opera singer befriends a young girl during the pandemic.

take care (cameron lightly, canada): an old man and a lonely cardinal cross paths unexpectedly. 

neighbours (malena pardo figoni, argentina): paper airplanes, flowers, and korean food unite two neighbors.

perfect blend (aaron fisher, united states): a shy homebody must endure freezing temperatures and awkward encounters.