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girls + screen is an after-school program at a/perture for grrrls and non-binary teens interested in using the power of filmmaking to smash the patriarchy. Curriculum for the program is licensed from Grrrl Gaze Film School.

Over the course of the year, girls + screen we will explore the cultural context of womxn’s contributions to the film industry, as well as learn hands-on production techniques. Each grrrl will write and direct their own narrative short and learn important skills along the way.

girls+screen participants meet one Monday (5:30-7:30pm) and one Saturday (9:30am-12pm) a month from November through May. Mondays are classes, Saturdays also feature a selected film screenings. There will be a meet & greet in October and a final class screening event in June.

Week 1 – Introduction. Why Grrrl Gaze? – The Male Gaze, Media Literacy, and the Importance of Representation. (This week will also include discussion about the structure of the program and learning objectives.Will start scheduling their personal short film which begins shooting after Week 5)

Week 2 – Story and Structure – Writing for the Screen (students begin writing their personal short)

Week 3 – Mise en Scene – Directing and Shot Composition (students will begin to storyboard their script and determining shot choice, etc)

Week 4 – Lights, Camera, Action – Visual Storytelling via Camera, Audio and Lighting (students will determine their lighting schema and audio needs, etc.)

Week 5 – Production Prep – Producing Your Short (students will go make their films using their own resources, or can check out equipment from a/perture)

Week 6 – Editing Basics – How to Shape Your Story in Post (students will learn editing techniques as well as Premiere Pro Basics in the a/perture media center)

Week 7 – Rough cut screenings and feedback.

Our instructor this year is a graduate from Winston-Salem’s own University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Kamryn Szeliga attended UNCSA and graduated with a BFA in Filmmaking and Animation. During her years there she worked on multiple student films, notably the award-winning Good Boy Cerberus, In Our Nature, Dreamcasting and Sonata. Kamryn was also selected to be a TA for UNCSA’s Summer Intensive all four years of her attendance at the school.

Applications are now open! Admission is $250 for the program, financial assistance is available and should not be a barrier to apply.

apply now!

please email with any questions

Check out the 21-22 class reel!

And previous G+S produced film Common Grounds


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