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Artist statement:
The four daughters represent the four directions, seasons, elements, clans and so much more to the Tutelo Saponi and Occaneechi people. I modeled one of the women from a statue of a Saura / Cheraw woman at the NC Museum of History (a Lumbee woman modeled for the statue). The Sauratown mountains were named after them… they moved around NC quite a bit and some of them were believed to be absorbed into the Lumbee and other tribes later on. The illustration represents the medicine wheel.

Chad Locklear is from St. Pauls, NC. He is the director of marketing for the Givens Performing Arts Center and the communications director for the Lumbee Film Festival. He was recently selected to join the 2020 South Art’s Emerging Leaders of Color inaugural cohort. He has performed at numerous venues as a member of the Deer Clan Singers and has worked as a graphic designer for the news and higher ed. He earned degrees in communication and art studies from N.C. State and UNCW and is completing an M.A. in digital communications at UNC-Chapel Hill.

For more information on North Carolina Tribal Communities please visit this great resource on the NC Department of Administration website.

For more information on land acknowledgment please visit this US Department of Arts and Culture page to #HonorNativeLand.