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What is Cultural Equity?

“Cultural equity embodies the values, policies, and practices that ensure that all people — including but not limited to those who have been historically underrepresented based on race/ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, socioeconomic status, geography, citizenship status, or religion — are represented in the development of arts policy; the support of artists; the nurturing of accessible, thriving venues for expression; and the fair distribution of programmatic, financial, and informational resources.” — Americans for the Arts

Our statement and a pledge:

a/perture cinema builds an inclusive and welcoming culture that inspires us to speak openly and be bold in our actions. We intentionally attract, engage and serve a large and diverse population of Winston-Salem and the Piedmont Triad. We are deliberate in all aspects of our organization, including our film programming, staff recruitment, and board representation. The more inclusive the population we engage, the more a/perture cinema lives into our mission.

We maintain an enduring commitment to inclusion that finds full expression in our organizational culture, values, norms, and behaviors. Our culture is the result of our actions, personal commitment, curiosity, collaboration, courageous sharing, and encouragement of others.

a/perture cinema recognizes that diversity exists in multiple dimensions, including differences among people that are not immediately visible. We not only accept difference, but celebrate, support, and thrive in it.

Throughout our work, we embrace diversity in all of its forms, encompassing, but not limited to, education, opinions, culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin or citizenship status, age, languages spoken, veteran’s status, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and beliefs.

a/perture cinema ensures that our cinema is everyone’s cinema.

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