Rentals are available Wednesdays thru Sundays

price reduced to $250-$300

We’re excited to offer pricing significantly lower than our usual rental rates to accommodate theatrical experiences at this time.

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New Theatrical Releases available for booking now!

and these titles

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How it works

Pick a film. Choose from one of the titles above, a film from our virtual cinema or bring a disc from your home collection.  Prices vary based on selection. Rentals are limited to 2.5 hours.  


Reserve your date. Reservations should be made no later than 14 days in advance. Pre-payment for all rentals is required. When booking please use the notes to request your new release or virtual cinema selection. 

 Check Availability and Book

Gather your group. Up to 12 people from your family or “pod.” For pods that include members outside of your household, we require that you physical distance inside the theater and wear face coverings when not actively enjoying our concessions. 


Enjoy your favorite concessions from our limited menu including candy, beer, wine/beer and soda.   No outside food & drink.


As we monitor the COVID Forsyth County dashboard and our community metrics, a/perture reserves the right to postpone or cancel any rentals when healthy and safety is a concern and issue a full refund.

health & safety

Read more about our commitment to health & safety.

want to win your own private rental?

here’s how to win:

Get your ticket. Purchase your $12 raffle at the link below.

Stay tuned for our drawings. We draw new winners every 25 raffle tickets we sell. We have had 3 winners to date.

Enjoy your screening! Winners must be available to schedule their rental within 14 days of being notified of their name being drawn. We’ve had 4 winners so far!!!

Please note: The raffle is currently on pause. Please check back here to see if/when it is reopened. All of our standard safety measures and guidelines remain in place for raffle rental screenings. a/perture cinema reserves the right to postpone or cancel raffle rental screenings at any time in accordance with government guidelines or health & safety concerns.