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m/embers only picks for October

selected by Quentin Norris


Where is the line between mankind and machine truly drawn? That’s one of the many questions on the minds of both Julia Ducournau’s sophomore Palme d’Or-winning film, Titane, and Paul Verhoeven’s bloody science-fiction socio-political satire Robocop. While Titane is more interested in the intimate, malleable, and unique ways that a machine can change the human body, Robocop is focused on the hypothetical situation of a law officer who can only truly uphold “the law” without any pesky emotions to interfere, and what human cost that takes from us. Regardless of intentions, Verhoeven and Ducournau’s visions align perfectly for an excellent double feature of metal and flesh colliding into one.


“Oh, you are sick!” Look, nobody ever said this parenting stuff was easy, did they? It’s part of our human nature to worry for the little ones we care for, and one of our greatest fears of all time is an inability to care for our children. David Lynch in his debut experimental cult classic, Eraserhead, and now Valdimar Jóhannsson with his debut folk horror fable, Lamb, dive headfirst into the sheer terror of being a parent by finding the allegorical horror in caretaking. Sometimes it looks like a small child with the head of a lamb, other times comes in the form of a mutant baby who cries and screams 24-7. Either way, both movies understand the fears of keeping loved ones safe, and in their own strange ways still find the humanity in that horror.

sta/rring roles – October

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To celebrate the news that we will be a Satellite Screen for Sundance’s 2022 Film Festival, why not check out some of our ta/ke out titles that got their debuts through Sundance like Rick, Love & Basketball, Boyhood and more?!

Luminaries – Ramin Bahrani

a/perture cinema launches a new signature series in 2021 – LUMINARIES – to celebrate filmmakers and industry professionals who break down walls, challenge stereotypes and lead with originality. These luminaries are legends in the making. Our featured Luminaries filmmaker this year is Ramin Bahrani. To celebrate Bahrani in our ta/ke out library, we are highlighting two classic films that have influenced Bahrani’s own filmmaking that you can rent today!

Bicycle Thieves

“Endlessly inspiring social humanist film. A great location film. The two hands, in the end, is one of the best shots in cinema.” – Ramin Bahrani in his Top 10 list for The Criterion Collection.


“One of my favorite films of all time. Over the years I have come to respect it even more than L’avventura.” – Ramin Bahrani in his Top 10 list for The Criterion Collection.

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