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Welcome to revival cinema, devoted to virtual screenings of films that are outside of a current release. Revival cinemas (or repertory houses as they are also called) had their heyday in the 1960s and 70s before the DVD and TCM. James Wolcott, cultural critic for Vanity Fair says it best, “Revival houses were where epiphany-seeking cinephiles and less exalted film junkies could dip into the dark for a few hours and cut their Dracula fangs on Hollywood golden oldies, the latest foreign craze, avant-garde provocations, and camp treasures with cult followings.”

There are still many of these celebrated revival cinemas in existence today (think Film Forum in New York) and the occasional new one opening up (Metrograph in New York). Now through our virtual cinema platform we can provide you an opportunity to catch some of these exclusive restorations and re-releases. Films will be updated regularly so bookmark this page!

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Thousand Pieces of Gold (United States, 1990)

Smooth Talk (United States, 1985)

Free Time (United States, 2019)

Damnation (Hungary, 1988)

Sweetgrass (United States, 2009)

The Mouth of the Wolf (Italy, 2009)

Billy the Kid (United States, 2007)

Sicilia! (Italy, 1999)