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Poster for Vortex
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Opens on May 20

Director: Gaspar Noé Run Time: 135 min. Release Year: 2022 Language: French

Starring: Alex Lutz, Dario Argento, Françoise Lebrun, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Philippe Rouyer

In what marks perhaps the most drastic creative pivot of his career, provocateur filmmaker Gaspar Noé is back in action with a new film, titled Vortex. Described as a “compassionate, profound drama” about an elderly couple battling age-related ailments.

“Unrelenting and inconsolable, with a smattering of compassionate moments, the superb Vortex brings to mind an observation attributed to actress Bette Davis, no less: Getting old ain’t for sissies.” -Steve Davis, Austin Chronicle

World Cinema, Drama

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