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snacks & drinks

popcorn               4 / 5 / 6.5 / 10

small / regular / large / jumbo

candy                          5

m&ms, skittles, reese’s pieces, buncha crunch, junior mints, nerds, starbursts, sour patch kids

muddy bites                  6

a hard waffle shell with a chocolate center – great for lovers of ice cream cones

chocolate bars              5

supplied from black mountain chocolate: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, sea salt

water                             3.5 / 6

bingo bango                  5

bottled soda                  4.5

seltzer, cheerwine, ale 8, sundrop, stewarts orange n’ cream, stewart’s root beer

fountain soda      4.5 / 5.5 / 7.5

coke, diet coke, mr. pibb, sprite, seagram’s ginger ale

regular / large / jumbo



coors                             6.5

blue moon                    6.5

wise water cherry         7.5

ask us about our rotating craft beer! beers from:

wise man, four saints, foothills, and many more!



rosso costiera                                           glass          7.5    bottle           22.5

by alla costiera. a red blend – cab sav and merlot grapes


palmira rosso                                            glass          7.5    bottle          22.5

by visintini. merlot grapes with a cherry kick. on the fruitier side


sparkling gambino                                glass only!          8.5

a fan favorite sparkling wine perfect for spring and summer. glera grapes, dry lovers will rejoice


barbera                                                      bottle only!           30

by vallana. A dry and sublte fruit kick with a soft finish


bianco costiera                                         glass only!           7

by alla costiera. a well balanced white blend with tai, graganega and moscoto grapes


pinot grigio                                                 glass          7.5    bottle          22.5

by visintini. subtly sweet without trying to hard. we promise it’s not rose!


monaci                                                       bottle only!           22.5

by cascina barisel. falaghina grapes. mellow, balanced, and apple notes


weekly specials:

all stouts are $5!