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snacks & drinks

popcorn               4 / 5 / 6.5 / 10

small / regular / large / jumbo

candy                          5-6

m&ms, m&ms peanut, skittles, reese’s pieces, jujy fruits, runts, junior mints, starbursts, sour patch kids, milk duds, nerds gummy clusters, starbursts

muddy bites                  6

a hard waffle shell with a chocolate center – great for lovers of ice cream cones

ice cream                 10

gluten free vanilla, white chocolate oreo, white chocolate caramel latte, blueberry cobbler

water                             3.5 / 6

bottled soda                  4.5

seltzer, cheerwine, ale 8, sundrop, bingo bango, stewarts orange n’ cream, a&w root beer

fountain soda      4.5 / 5.5 / 7.5

coke, diet coke, dr. pepper, sprite, seagram’s ginger ale

regular / large / jumbo



coors                             6.5

blue moon                    6.5

ask us about our rotating craft beer! local beers beers from:

wise man, foothills, and many more!



pinot noir                                                 glass       7.5       bottle          25

by coppola winery. a pinot noir from a cinema icon


cabernet sauvignon                                            glass          7.5    bottle          25

by les champs des maures. cab sav grapes with hints of blackberry and plum


barbera                                                      bottle only!           25

by vallana. A dry and sublte fruit kick with a soft finish


sparkling gambino                                glass only!          8.5

a fan favorite sparkling wine perfect for spring and summer. glera grapes, dry lovers will rejoice


toscana bianco                                         glass     7.5    bottle       25

by corzano e paterno. a well balanced white blend with apple and pear notes


sauvignon blanc                                                    glass          6    bottle          25

by 13 Celsius. a special pairing for our 13th year in business!


                  rose                                                                 glass    7.5         bottle  25

by corzano e paterno. a dry and delicate wine with strawberry and cherry notes


monaci                                                       bottle only!           25

by cascina barisel. falaghina grapes. mellow, balanced, and apple notes


weekly specials:

13 C Sav Blanc wine – $6 (it’s our favorite number too!)


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