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Poster for Fifty Times Rock
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Fifty Times Rock

Opens on March 26

Director: Nathan Lathroum Run Time: 52 min.

Starring: Art Newkirk

Come to a/perture for the World Premiere!

Q&A with filmmaker Nathan Lathroum and cast members following the screening.

Back in the 80s, Cecil and his band used to tour the country; their talent reached people, and their music meant something. Nowadays, Cecil just sits around in his house with his roommate and reminisces about the good old days. But when Cecil scores a magazine interview built on the promise of a new song release, he scrambles to look out for his niece, put his past back together, and try to get famous all over again.

Nathan is a screenwriter with a background in novels and two years of lyricist experience. He studies screenwriting at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. His main writing genres are horror, comedy, action, fantasy, and adventure.


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