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The Servant

Opens on June 17

Director: Joseph Losey Run Time: 116 min. Rating: Not Rated Release Year: 1963

Starring: Catherine Lacey, Dirk Bogarde, James Fox, Sarah Miles, Wendy Craig

Posh Tony (James Fox) hires the seemingly proper and very attentive Barrett (Dirk Bogarde) as his manservant. Soon Tony’s lady friend, Susan (Wendy Craig) disapproves of the ever-unflappable Barrett, which causes a strain in the couple’s relationship. When Barrett’s “sister” Vera (Sarah Miles) arrives to stay, the situation descends into depravity, with the servant vying to become the new master of the house.

“A rarified experience in masterful manipulation and thrilling commentary on the waning power of the social elite in the Swinging Sixties.” -Steph Green, WeLoveCinema

Revival, Drama

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