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Hold Your Fire

Opens on May 20

Director: Stefan Forbes Run Time: 93 min. Release Year: 2022

In 1973, four young African-American men stealing guns for self-defense in Brooklyn were cornered by the NYPD. A violent gun battle killed a police officer, beginning the longest hostage siege in NYPD history. The NYPD’s 130-year-old policy was to deliver an ultimatum, then respond with deadly force. Could visionary police psychologist Harvey Schlossberg convince his superiors to do the unthinkable – negotiate with “criminals” – and save twelve hostages from an impending bloodbath? In never-before-seen film and gripping interviews with survivors, HOLD YOUR FIRE uncovers what really happened in this landmark event with the potential to revolutionize American policing.

“The end result is a largely fascinating exploration of a story that, more than ever, needs to be heard.” -Peter Sobczyski,

Documentary, Social Justice


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